Tuesday, February 14, 2012

02/14/2012 Valentines day

My poor vacant blog...feeling neglected and unloved.  My new job and sooo many miles on the road have been taking my time and energy.  I am thankful for the work and I am thrilled it's a job I can be happy with, feeling like I'm making a tiny difference in this big old world.  I adore my girl students, even the troubled and difficult ones...oh wait...they are all troubled and difficult! Yet adorable still, and I'm delighted to be in their lives. We have been exploring concrete poetry in class on this Valentine's day,  and I was able to work right along with the girls.  I'll post my poem, although the thing that makes it a concrete poem will not be evident for the most part - its shape.  You'll have to envision it as leaping flames!

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