Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What a relief !

Ah...the scary giant half face is gone!  I have a brilliant 16 year old son who knew just what to do.  He pushed keys and opened that, then closed this, cut and pasted several items, then said, "Mom, what did you do?" looked at me like only a 16 year old can, then pushed more keys, opened and closed more windows, moved things around, mumbled something about a widgit..a widgit? What in the heck?  He fairly dazzled me with his clicks and swishes and his profound intensity, his head bent low, his nimble fingers flying, and then -  TaaDaaaa!  The frightening apparition had disappeared from the screen!! My relief was short lived however.  Chris stood, stretched his intertwined fingers outward until they popped and said, "So, did you get all that Mom?"

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